Life Lessons From a Tiny House.

What can we learn from changes made while living in a tiny house.

Minimalism is one of the reasons to live in a tiny house not the only one, but here in this article we will be focusing on the positive mental health revelation. No matter what your reason to live in a tiny house you can always love to know the positive impacts you can and are bringing with this in your life.

How we got here?

We all are aware of evolution, how apes became humans, created a community to live in, created manners to live in a community and so on. Man initially started as minimalist only, but with time forgot that, and whether the change from minimalism to profligate is evolution or not is a topic for an elaborate debate. So the question is not how have we come to thinking about tiny houses, rather the question is how the concept got lost to be rediscovered and discussed in these articles.

Life Lessons From a Tiny House.

We are all aware of the concept of demand and supply, but what we are less aware of is, we are all victims of the trap set by people who used this concept for their benefit and that we are in a pool of thing we could live happily without. For example eighty five from a hundred brides in America receive a diamond ring, this is purely a result of creating a demand by a company to get in the good side of economics, it is a clever but simple play of emotions. They just got you thinking the ring symbolises love, but does it? Business creating business, money making money, demand creating more demand, it’s a chain. There are many such examples but you get the gist, right? This is the time most people are getting aware of this, the turn of events due to the pandemic is causing a realization.

“Hate the system enough to know it needs change, but love it enough to want to change it.”

Minimalism is a step towards breaking the chain, to escape the trap. Breaking the chain, to escape the system that creates the track of your journey. Breaking the chain, to escape illusion of a rat race that tells you, you are losing.

Tiny house is a self-investment.

The decision of living in a tiny house brings you back in the driving seat, this time with excitement of knowing your true self and no pressure of a pseudo race. The benefits of this can easily be tracked in your work life balance. It gives you time to self-reflect, to think what is worth your time and energy. There is no right place and time to know who you really are but when you keep facing difficult situations you may let believe that those failures define you. By minimalism you are subtracting things, situations and even people that don’t help you and least define you.

“Whatever good we build end up building us.” -Jim Rohn

Here you have a freedom of choice to build good relations or build an artificial market. Out in the world everyone is trying to make everyone believe they are better than actually working on getting better. A choice to let relation, admirations, inspirations build you and not things you don’t really love build you.

Choosing to build a house, by yourself is a great choice, plus you can always take some help. The reason why it is such a great idea is, because you make all the choices, bringing you closer to what you want in a house, which will bring you close to what you want in life. You can do it better by questioning your choices, I don’t mean doubting them, I mean asking why do I want things this way, what makes me crazy about this and so on. You will be surprised by what discoveries you make in this little time.

Less things to worry about, is more moments to live for.

Did I leave the gas on? Is my phone charged? Dropped coffee on the tablet, oh! my expensive white shirt and the designer shoes that go along. Where is my matt black watch? Which suit will make me look smarter for the meeting?

Gadgets and vehicles are taken care of and worried about as children. An American average house owns eleven gadgets, you do the maths of living with worries of eleven children and none of their cute giggles. Plus if you are an environmentalist those objects come with a guilt chain Most people, on asking say the best moments of their life were when they were away from screens. Without proof I think we all agree that the most breath-taking moments and views more often than not include nature, country side, good relations or me- time. 

Imagine having a wardrobe of all your selected favourite clothes, you don’t need to make a choice every morning because all bring out the best of you. it’s the same with the house. Having everything in your house that is you absolute personal favourite is a feeling everyone would love to have but would be scared to work for.

Don’t rethink it, if it came from within.

Where did you get this idea, that you need to make some changes in life and sort it out? If this was a realization came from within yourself, go with the gut feeling. The decision is overwhelming, the change is too, but don’t let it take a toll on you. Brain believes what you tell it, and the bigger you tell this is the scarier it will get. Get your fact right from a trusted person or it can be an author/influencer you relate to and get started. Keep everything extra and over afar, even from thinking. But that doesn’t mean be rash, be balanced. Read articles, take notes, take some help and get on work to lay the foundation of a simpler life.

“Less explanation is more convincing than more explanation.” – Alan Cohen.

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